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JAHs Heart


In 2009, Mother's Day weekend, I felt a lump in my breast while talking with my daughter. That following week I was meeting with doctors, scheduling surgery, making appointments for chemo and finding out that radiation would follow, it was all so fast, but my daughter was there with me through hard days, mood swings, doctor visits and all that comes with a diagnosis of stage 3A breast cancer. She sacrificed her career, time and dedicated her life to helping me survive. I learned then that my daughter, as my caregiver, was experiencing some of the same emotions that I was. I wanted to do something special for her. Five years later I was labeled cancer free & went in for a follow-up mammogram. It showed as abnormal & I was diagnosed again in my other breast. My daughter was in New York working on her career & I feared telling her as I felt I didn't want to interrupt the pursuit of her accomplishments, so I had the partial mastectomy surgery without telling her. I didn't realize how much I needed her help & how tough yet necessary the job of a caregiver was. I shared the news with her & eventually she came home to be with me. I then thought of all the people around the world, just like me, who had a caregiver fighting alongside them. I also thought of all the caregivers that had sacrificed lifestyles, careers, dreams, finances or maybe things were being neglected in their homes, all the while practicing love & selflessness with someone needing care... at that moment it was apparent the special thing would be to honor her and all those that had a “Heart to Care” thus JAH's Heart was born. JAH are my daughters initials and this nonprofit will celebrate Caregivers of cancer patients by helping them with the things they have need of while caring for loved ones!